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October 21, 2007


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Laurie -
Thanks again for planning! I had an awesome time! The entire day was a blast from beginning to end!

Milton (aka Spiderman) -
Thanks for opening your home to us! You have an amazing setup! I haven't climbed a rope since grade school - so much fun!


Milton Grasle

I had a good time, too, Elizabeth. It's great to be working out with people who have the same goals as myself. Laurie had a good idea when she came up with the adventure team. I enjoyed having Catlin and Cole as part of the team. Hopefully, we'll have another adventure soon.


Elizabeth has a good suggestion. Check out this link: http://www.skyzonesports.com/home/3-d-dodgeball


The sky-zone dodge ball is so much fun-- we did it with my sorority! It really is an excellent workout too! Thanks Milton for hosting us and for the book-- I am really enjoying it!

Milton Grasle

Sky-zone dodge ball, looks great. I saw an episode of King of Queens where they played sky-zone basketball the same way. Caitlin, sorry I mispelled your name on my previous comment. The way you handled those monkey bars, was awesome.

Fran Gardberg

Is this the same Milton Grasle who was a property manager in Hammond, IN ?

Milton Grasle

Yes!--Fran it's me. I've thought about you often. Everytime something about Israel comes to my attention, I think of you. Are you ok? I would like to see you again. Lets do Israel one more time. Best, Milton

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